A biography of saddam hussein the president of iraq

When he created his massive reforms, Saddam may have had the benefit of his people in mind, but he was also a shrewd politician. Saddam worried that Khomeini would set his sites on spreading his radical religious rule to the secular nonreligious state of Iraq.

Hussein, Saddam

Hussein spends six months in prison for political activities against the government of Iraqi Prime Minister and General Abd al-Karim Qassim. While in Egypt, Saddam studied law at the University of Cairo.

Execution of Saddam Hussein

However, it was too late to prevent the video from spreading across the internet. After he detected none, the rope was cut, and the body was placed in a coffin. Favorite movie was The Godfather Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

The plant was near completion and scheduled to begin operations within a matter of months.

Saddam Hussein

Unemployment rose, agricultural production declined, and the majority of the population suffered from severe malnutrition and lack of medical care.

On November 5,Saddam was found guilty and sentenced to death. Though Saddam allowed UN weapons inspectors to return to Iraq in Novemberhis failure to cooperate fully with the investigations frustrated the United States and Great Britain and led them to declare an end to diplomacy.

Seized documents show how French officials and businessmen close to Chirac, including Charles Pasquahis former interior minister, personally benefitted from the deals with Saddam. Finally, on December 13,Saddam was found hiding in a hole in the ground, a bunker near a farmhouse in ad-Dawr, near Tikrit.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. On July 22,when an ailing Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr decided to step down as president, it came as no surprise that Saddam Hussein stepped into his shoes. Iraq offered a cessation of hostilities in Junebut Iran refused.

We have now grasped the reality of the situation. The genocide became known as the Halabja Massacre or Bloody Friday. Saddam, however, managed to elude capture. Such large-scale social programs were unheard of in any other Middle Eastern country.

Waged war against Iran from September 22, to August If Saddam was caught stealing — it has been said — he would rather poison the animals than return them to their owners.

Saddam Hussein Biography: President of Iraq and the Butcher of Baghdad

By August Hussein was already the czar of domestic security. Who are you and what are you? When Baghdad fell, however, the Iraqi president was nowhere to be found. This was also when he married his maternal cousin, Sajidah Khayr Allah Tilfah.Eventually, he clawed his way to become the vice president of Iraq’s Revolutionary Command Council (RCC), the core group that held Iraq’s Ba’athist government together.

Although not the official president of Iraq untilSaddam truly held the reins from the early s onward.

Saddam Hussein Biography

Watch video · Saddam Hussein was president of Iraq for more than two decades and is seen as a figurehead of the country's military conflicts with Iran and the United States. Synopsis Born on April 28,in Tikrit, Iraq, Saddam Hussein was a secularist who rose through the Baath political party to assume a dictatorial presidency.

Saddam Hussein was born on April 28,in the village of Al-Awja, near Tikrit, a town just north of the city of Baghdad, in central Iraq. His father, Hussein 'Abd al-Majid, was a peasant sheepherder who by various accounts either died or disappeared before his son's birth.

Saddam Hussein Biography Saddam Hussein was the fifth President of Iraq whose regime lasted for nearly two and a half decades. This biography profiles his Place Of Birth: Al-Awja. Saddam Hussein: Saddam Hussein was the president of Iraq from to Saddam Hussein was a bloody and brutal dictator who kept his country of Iraq at war almost constantly after assuming power in At least one.

A biography of saddam hussein the president of iraq
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