A review of the film excalibur

When Arthur rides into cleansing battle, flowers spring up in the grass he passes. The whole scene is rough and bloody and muddy and crude. But older forms of magic which are presented as potently attractive as well as dangerous hinder progress.

Boorman deftly uses soft-focus, slow-motion, post-dubbing, and the commanding music of Richard Wagner to fully embrace this universe of aging wizards and vengeful blood relations, reminding us once again that while future Camelots are indeed possible, they will forever be tainted or at least compromised by human feelings.

Uryens falls to his knees to declare his loyalty, which leads the others to follow suit. A prominent figure in the A review of the film excalibur is Merlin Certainly it had for director John Boorman, who had been planning his production of Excalibur for more than a decade before he finally made it.

He dreams of a fight with himself During the battle, Arthur defeats Uryens and then demands Uryens knight him, handing him Excalibur to do so.

Morgana, as played by Helen Mirren, is a stunning combination of beauty and evil. He lives backwards, which makes him "a dream to some, a nightmare to others.

A more direct way, of course, is to create an entirely fantastic world from the ground up. Perhaps the best and most lucid DVD commentary that I have heard on video; interesting and sharp comments throughout the entire film, and well worth replaying if you aspire to filmmaking in any way, or just want to hear a smart filmmaker talk about his work.

Was this review helpful? The emergence of civilization and the arrival of Christianity, as embodied by the rise of Camelot, are accompanied by the aforementioned ethereal glow emitted by damn near everything.

The armour of the knights looks like the leathery hides of dinosaurs. Perceval encounters an ugly bearded old man with armor under his tattered robes, who preaches to followers that the kingdom has fallen because of "the sin of Pride ".

His world is confusion, disorder, and unlimited passion A Great Film baronalbany38 17 November I am an Arthurian buff and a film fan aspiring to be a novelist and a screenwriter.

The quintessential King Arthur movie! Sir Leondegrance wins the chance to try pulling Excalibur from the stone, but he fails. Perceval returns to see Arthur lying on a ship, attended by three ladies clad in white, sailing into the sun toward the Isle of Avalon. Lancelot loves Arthur but betrays him by sleeping with Guenevere.

The characteristic developments of Arthur occur as he faces the trials of his life As directors go, John Boorman has always been a weirdie, and a tough one to pin down.

The best on-screen Merlin I have ever seen.

John Boorman's Excalibur Isn't Just Another King Arthur Movie

The Cinematography won an Academy Award Nomination. Boorman won out again, thinking the off screen antagonism would translate well into their on screen relationship.

Continue reading Show less Is it any good? I mean, after the holy hand grenade, what more was there to say? The Lady of the Lake offers a restored Excalibur to the king, Lancelot is revived and Arthur and his knights unify the land.

Merlin heals him and he rides out to the forest to rest. Arthur and Lancelot reconcile and Lancelot dies with honor. But when Morgana pronounces "love", one would expect Merlin to answer "hate", but he just says: Emphasis is instead on the Celtic natural-world backdrop -- the mythic, emerald-green Irish shooting locations -- and a medieval mindset of brutal violence, might making right, and paganism just barely surrendering to Christianity.

Using the simplest of low-fi practical lighting, optical effects, and in-camera trickery, he created an otherworldly atmosphere that is both earthy all the grunting and squeaking and clanging and mud and mythically luminous.

Only Merlin, a capering, trickster-like creature providing the lone comic relief has a personality; the rest of the cast such distinctive actors as Liam NeesonPatrick Stewartand Gabriel Byrne, anonymously encased in armor are as flat as figures in a tapestry, perhaps intentionally so. If you knew the legend going in, Excalibur certainly hit all the highlights, with lots of battle scenes and jousting and feasting and dream sequences and hallucinations and Wagner and Carl Orff tossed in along the way.

Among the many elements that make the movie work is the cast:Excalibur is a flawed film, no doubt, with a daft performance by Nicol Williamson as Merlin using an extremely unsatisfying funny voice (often giving rise to audience laughter in the wrong places).

Excalibur was the number one film during its opening weekend of 10–12 Aprileventually earning $34, in the United States. As ofit currently has a 78% "fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 41 reviews. Apr 10,  · Years later Arthur, Uthur's bastard son draws Excalibur and becomes king.

Guided by Merlin, Arthur marries Guenivere and gathers the Knights of the Round Table.

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Arthur's evil half-sister Morgana sires a son with him, who may prove his downfall/10(K). In retrospect, though, Excalibur was much more than a simple (if over the top) sword and sorcery picture. Boorman said he’d been trying to get a film version of Sir Thomas Malory’s work Le Morte d’Arthur off the ground since the early ’60s, but without luck until Orion ponied up the money.

Critic Reviews for Excalibur All Critics (41) | Top Critics (6) | Fresh (32) | Rotten (9) | DVD (7) Give Boorman credit for the loopy grandeur of his imagery and imaginings, for the sweet smell of excess, for his heroic gamble that a movie can dare to trip over its pretensions -- and still fly%.

Excalibur is a truly atmospheric film. It has the ability to take you back to the time it depicts, without using sentimentality or rose tinted spectacles.

Having seen the film numerous times, I still get more out of it with every viewing. It certainly seemed to start many careers .

A review of the film excalibur
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