Archetypes and the hunger games essay

She shows her caregiving abilities when Gale is injured by the guards that are placed in District If two characters are archetypes, that means that they are modeled after the same characteristics.

Archetypes in The Hunger Games Trilogy

The archetype of the hero or heroine in the story is Katniss, a brave sixteen-year old girl who offers to take the place of her sister in the annual Hunger Games. Instead, we see Katniss with real scars. Katniss obviously has PTSD from her many traumatic experiences: In Conclusion, Katniss proves her bravery and intelligence with her That statement was made The heros always got their happy ending in all the movies I watched growing up — Belle married the Beast, the toys made their way back to Andy, and Anastasia found her family.

Katniss finds herself and her self-identity throughout the story. Hire Writer The archetypal hero also often receives aid before the initiation stage of the journey. Our goal should be to get more of those happy endings. She has gained wisdom and experience through her journey, and now must return to District 12 where she will be able to integrate her newfound understanding into her daily life.

This makes them seem far away from the audience — something unattainable. Archetypes are prevalent and will continue to exist, even in contemporary films like The Hunger Games. Twelve people were killed. He got off scot-free. Prim steps up to help others in the third installment of the series as well.

When the tributes are chosen for the games she is the one that travels to the district to choose the male and female tributes. Katniss complains a lot. This supports the idea that The hero and his or her journey, the battle against evil, the rite of passage, and the return are all classic archetypes within the movie and are the same archetypes that will continue to shape artistic and literary narratives in the future.

Throughout the entire trilogy storyline she rebels against The Capital and everything that President Snow stands for.

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A narrative arc describes the structure of a plot line.I completely loved The Hunger Games, and I loved Catching Fire, but I didn’t love Mockingjay, the final book in the series, the end of Katniss’s journey. When I got to the end, it isn’t what I, along with many other readers, expected.

Normally, the Hero’s Journey ends with a “reward”. Jun 29,  · Hey, I m having a really hard time coming up with a essay hood about archetypes in the Hunger Games. I don t know how to make it Status: Open.

The "hero" in The Hunger Games, would be Katniss and Peeta. When Primrose's name, Katniss' sister, was pulled from the Reaping bowl, Katniss volunteered in her place. Peeta joined a career tribute group to try to stray them from the path of Katniss.

The mentor in the Hunger Games is Haymitch Abernathy, a past Hunger Games victor.

Archetypes and the Hunger Games Essay

Archetype Essay: The Hunger Games This story is about a girl named Katniss Everdeen, who lives in district In this story she is the hero, with most archetypes. The archetypes in this book are her birth, having to leave her family, traumatizing event leading to her quest, special weapon, supernatural help, proves herself when on her quest, and.

From an archetypal perspective it is crucial that we understand the Greek god Hermes if we are to confront at the deepest level of the issues raised in The Hunger Games.

Archetypes and the Hunger Games

Hermes is the messenger and trickster, the god of dreams, the unconscious, businessmen, advertising, adolescence, gambling and film makers. Archetypes in The Hunger Games Trilogy A character archetype is a type of character that is present in many pieces of literature. If two characters are archetypes, that means that they are modeled.

Archetypes and the hunger games essay
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