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That makes the audience sympathise with the poor people. This is because of the contrasts there are and how the stereotyping in this story could be even more criticized.

Blood Brothers

Sammy has a gun in his hand when he is asking Mickey for a sweet I think he uses guns when he wants something, which links to the bank robbery because he uses his gun to get money.

I saw the play Blood Brothers at the Pheonix Theatre in Central London; the theatre was an old one with a cosy atmosphere which accompanied a nice reasonable sized stage.

At first, Mrs Lyons is shown as a bright person in her thirties, unlike the stressed Mrs Johnston who is the same age. The lighting when he hands Mrs Lyons the bible is very affective, the narrator in darkness with his back to the audience and his hand and Mrs Lyons spot lighted gives great affect like a grave idea or action being planted so darkly from the shadows.

This is shown by Mickey and Edward. Mrs Johnston stutters at times because of her being under pressure, like when Mrs Lyons is persuading her to give away one of the twins. Simplistic staging and used the same setting with inter-changeable doors and backdrops when appropriate.

When he returns home after years of imprisonment, he is faced with Linda trying to persuade him to stop taking the drugs. I thought Eddie and Mickey not finding out they were twins was very good, as it used a lot of dramatic potential, prolonging the drama, making the ending more impacting and shocking when it happened.

Mickey generally did what Sammy told him to do. Edward hears a regularly spoken swear word but yet fails to recognize what it actually means, also he speaks grammatically correct and speaks every letter.

This seemed like the past and present of the story, as this first scene was the inevitable end. They interacted together a lot, a key point in the play was when they linked hands and swore to be blood brothers.

The characters of Mrs Johnston and Mrs Lyons, the mothers, are total opposites. The lighting is very impacting on the performance as it changes throughout the play, as the play open there is red lighting; this creates a very sombre feeling.

The red being symbolic of blood and death, creates tension, mystery and fear.

Blood brothers Essay

This adds a lot of dramatic tension to the play, because the narrator becomes very influential. How there is a big change in the brothers being different classes this is shown by there language I known this because Edward uses words like smashing, super fun and fantastic.

Firstly he was like the host. He used many facial expressions to portray his character. He constantly kept appearing and gave the performance a flow. It just showed how by changing body language voice you can turn into a new character. The effect that Russell shows in presenting the brothers this way is showing how different the brothers are.

He also copies the things Mickey does, such as pulling his shirt down over his knees. It is evident Mickey comes from a lower class background because of his dirty face, dirty ragged clothes and his northern accent.

Blood Brothers - Assignment Example

We can tell the accent is Liverpudlian by the frequent change in pitch, with the end of each sentence high. Listening for meaning and depth.

Throughout the play he tells the story, but a lot more than that. The last theme to the musical is social class, the whole way through the musical we are being reminded about how different these characters are to each other. If I was to place the blame on anyone it would be the two mothers, as they made the promise to accept n receive the child and promise to keep the secret in the first place if they never kept them apart from each other and the truth then the shoot out would not have been even considered.

It being so strong and powerful, symbolising unity, love and bonds is used throughout the play. This is cross-cutting as it shows a different time period then returns to the current one.I saw the play Blood Brothers at the Pheonix Theatre in Central London; the theatre was an old one with a cosy atmosphere which accompanied a nice We will write a custom essay sample on Any topic specifically for you For Only $/page.

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You can view samples of our professional work here. compulsive and aggressive. Surrogacy is shown as a bad thing in Blood Brothers, because Mrs Johnston was reluctant to give away her child. Mrs Lyons' manipulative personality is seen here, in her desperation to. Mrs Johnstone is portrayed as a stereotypical working class mother.

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An Evaluation of Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers is about two twins who are separated at birth. One is sold and one is kept. They then meet later on but do not know they are twins until ‘the day they die’.

When Mrs Johnstone agrees to sell Mrs Lyons one of the twins, the interventionist narrator. Subject: Blood, Mrs. Johnstone.

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Blood brothers mrs johnstone essay writer
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