Describe sports event attended

In the evening the game started turning in favour of the first team and became very close. The cue card is about describing a sporting event attended by the candidate. You can make some notes to help you if you Describe sports event attended. Thereby, I think this is an outstanding event for me.

Fortunately, they had brought lunch for me as they knew I would be under pressure and might not have the chance to take the meal. The last 30 minutes were breathless and extremely exciting and finally the team I was supporting won the match. The bicycle race is a common type of sport in India and luckily I witnessed such an exciting race last week.

We sat quite high in the grades so we watched the tennis match from a far distance, but very well. So, we all thanked him heartedly.

I was feeling proud of my cousin and I realized that he was not celebrated person at the school. Things were organized incredibly well and the head boy of the school was organizing everything by himself. I am told there are about 20 teams or so each year, each with nine riders.

Cricket is a game of uncertainty and this game became even more competitive and uncertain. They became glad when they saw me purchasing the snacks for them a bit expensive inside the stadium.

On the day of the race itself, lots of roads were closed. It might be better to say, "And there was a live video of the match as well.

So you are free to talk about a sporting event you have seen. Finally, we got an empty hotel after walking almost 20 minutes and sat there to have our lunch. We left the stadium in the evening and even though our team was defeated by the powerful Argentine team, we were happy that our team competed them well and performed quite good.

The team I was supporting started doing really good. It was a kind of struggle to have the right seat for them.

The spirit and excitement of the spectators looked like a waving sea. A semicolon is needed instead of a comma because there is no conjunction joining the two complete thoughts. Sample Answer I attended the Asia Cup final cricket tournament that was held at Dhaka Stadium in the year or After the first team ended their innings, we went outside and were looking for a hotel to eat.

In fact, it was the annual sporting event of the college here in Kuala Lumpur and I played the role of an audience. The annual sporting event is one of the most interesting events and I have been participating in the events for last five or six years.

Several TV channels were broadcasting the live game and the number of people watching this very game in the world would not be less that 70 million The first team scored and that was a good fighting score at that time.

Oct 28, In fact, I was supposed to take part in the match but the leg injury did not allow me.

I enjoyed that event a lot because it was the first time I watched a professional tennis match directly without having to watch it on the TV. This part of England where I live has fantastic scenery and very, very steep hills that were deemed suitably challenging of the super-fit and competitive cyclists.years back I attended a sports event which was open to the public and I would like to talk about it.

It was probably the month of January and I was a student of the university at that time. I heard that the Argentina Football team would come to our country and would play a football match against.

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topic: Sports event. • Describe a sports event you attended? • What was the best part about the sports event? It was about 9 years ago when I went to the annual sports day of school.

It was a very grand event; more than students were participating in different games. I also had to attend it because my. Jan 15,  · Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports.

Describe a sporting event you enjoyed watching

the event itself is extremely affordable and starry-eyed visitors describe it as frozen in time. These are the top bucket list sporting events you can attend. Describe a sports event that you took part in or watched.

You should say: what the event was (or, what the sport was) where it was A sport event I have attended I like speaking about this topic, because I am a huge tennis fan.

IELTS Cue Card Sample 64 – Describe a sporting event you attended

My most memorable match was in the last year, the Roland Garros final. Describe a sporting event you attended What kind of sports event it was Give details of this event why you consider this event to be interesting.

From wrestling to European soccer, college hoop rivalries to hockey, the list of most attended sporting events of all time may surprise you.

From wrestling to European soccer, college hoop rivalries to hockey, the list of most attended sporting events of all time may surprise you. Our second remarkably well-attended event took place less.

Describe sports event attended
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