Development control law ppt

This brings me to the central theme of this presentation. Broadly, it covers Business overview, financial performance, client and project updates, Competitors analysis, future roadmap and CSR activities.

The elected Planning Committee may act on the advice of their professional planning officers, or occasionally may take a different view. They can be especially important in deciding how much "weight" to give to different material considerations. Existence of exploitable natural resources eg.

It is also important to ensure that land-use considerations are fully integrated into the analysis of development applications and that this takes place prior to evaluating the structural integrity of proposed buildings.

However, these standards are sometimes applied with discretion by the Authority? A much larger number of householder proposals are classed as permitted development and do not require a planning application to be made.

Size of site can the site adequately accommodate the proposed building and ancillary facilities; required building setbacks. Refusal of an application, whether by committee or under delegated powers, may be challenged by an appeal through the Planning Inspectorate.

Suitable for use by clients, managers and firms. As the old adage goes: Notwithstanding this however, the following land-use issues should be considered in determining an application: In those cases the commissioning body would grant itself planning permission for the proposals concerned.

The Importance of Development Plans/Land Use Policy for Development Control

Instantly downloadable with a single click. If planning permission is to be refused, or if enforcement action is to be taken against unauthorised development, then the LPA must give reasons in writing which show "demonstrable harm to interests of acknowledged importance".

Incompatible Uses in Residential Areas In the absence of an approved land-use policy to guide development in residential and other areas, a number of "non-conforming" uses have crept into residential areas.

Certain types of use or activity do not fall into a specific use class and are termed " sui generis ". A grant of planning permission relates to the land or building s concerned.

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These will incorporate a large measure of community and public involvement in preparing the new local planning policies by which applications will be decided in future years.

In other words, Plans and policies provide the framework within which the development control process can take place. If there is a land-use zoning Plan in existence this will provide the first indication of the suitability of the area for the activity proposed. Since that date planning permission has been required for all new development.

Many of you may have asked yourselves or have been asked by others why is a system of development control necessary in the first place. Land use planning also takes place within a legal context. While carrying out the development control function, one should always remain alert to changes that have occurred which may signal the need to amend Plans, policies and standards.

Ultimately, this reinforces the perception among members of the public and the building industry that the development control process is arbitrary.control zoning arose from a need to control the location and proximity of uses. – Need to control abuses of uncontrolled private development – Faith in scientific planning and administrative control territorial limits and subordinate to state law.

Apart from this limitation, the police power of a.

Development control in the United Kingdom

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Development control, planning control, or (in Scotland) development management is the element of the United Kingdom's system of town and country planning through which local government regulates land use and new building.

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1 development control rules for chennai metropolit an area september (as amended upto september ) chennai metropolitan development authority.

Development control is the process by which authorities manage the extent and nature of growth in local areas. Landowners or leaseholders wishing to develop are typically required to apply to a local authority (depending on the proposal) for permission prior to commencing any development work.

Development control law ppt
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