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Health Extension Workers are primarily responsible in working with the families and community at a grass root level to promote health and prevent disease through provision of health education. Your nursing practice is driven by the current Regulations and legislation governing Nursing and Home Health Care.

Utilize principles of public health core functions and health education to formulate population focused health promotion interventions that address the goals of state, national and international objectives outcomes.

As a Community Health Nurse you must possess a desire to practice with an attention to detail, critical thinking, excellent assessment and problem solving skills. Able to cope with different situations. Nurse as Health Educator Health education is the duty of everyone engaged in health and community development activities.

Asking people to give their own ideas for solving the problems. Act on the result of the research- Plan and conduct of nursing and related studies that contribute to the improvement of nursing and health services, either alone or independently, or in collaboration of other members of the health and intersect oral teams.

Health workers must also realize that their own personal example serves to educate others. It promotes engagement of healthy lifestyles among individuals and families within the community. Educate and provide direct health care services to vulnerable and at risk populations.

Member of a team In operating within the team, one must be willing to listen as well as to contribute, to teach as well as to learn, to lead as well as to follow, to share authority as well as to work under it. Community health service provider Carries out health services contributing to the promotion of health, prevention of illness, early treatment of illness and rehabilitation.

It is imperative to have access to a reliable vehicle to meet the demands of your role and be competent to drive in all weather conditions. Facilitate means create favorable conditions for action. Since all nurses should adhere to these four fundamental responsibilities, there should not be more than one code of ethics for nurses.

Invites ideas, suggestions, and criticisms. I believe that education of the family and patient is very important to the current care plan, and the future planning for the patient. Health Education WHO define Health Education as any combination of learning experiences designed to help individuals and communities improve their health, by increasing their knowledge or influencing their attitudes.

Helping people to look as their ideas so that they could see which were the most useful and the simplest to put into practice. Specific clinical activities are related to prevention and reduction of health disparities across the life span through the conduct of community assessment and the development and implementation of culturally appropriate nursing strategies reflecting professional values and behaviors.

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When treating someone with skin infection or malaria, a health worker should also educate the patient about the cause of the illness and teach preventive skills. Role of health educator Talking to the people and listening of their problems. As a Community Health Nurse you must be able to function both as a generalist and a specialist.The field of community health nursing has evolved through four distinct stages.

The early home care. Community health nursing is a synthesis of nursing practice and public health practice applied in promoting and preserving the health of populations.

We will write a custom essay sample on Community Health Nursing. Free Essay: Community Health Assessment of Chamberlain College of Nursing NR Fall Session, November Audrey L. Hendrix Community Health. Free Essay: Community Health Nursing Reflection NUR/ August 7, Community Health Nursing Reflection According to Phyllis Meadows (), “Community.

Community Based Nursing Community health nursing is defined as a synthesis of nursing and public health practice applied to promoting and preserving the health of populations, according to the ANA in Community Health Nursing. There are many fields in which a registered nurse can specialize.

One group of these fields is known as Community Health Nursing.

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