Explain the methods of controlling pollution

The concept of noise pollution is a very unique one, as sound is something which has the capability to have both good and bad effects on the health of humans. Some measures that can be adopted in this direction are: The cost to business and its commercial ramifications make this rather simple preventive approach quite complicated and more difficult to implement.

Thermoplastic materials are most widely used as packing for countercurrent scrubber towers. The main components of all electrostatic precipitators are: A suitable agency should be established for conservation and monitoring of marine resources and providing protection against pollution hazards.

Many such bags are hung in a baghouse. Proper attention should be given by the government to make people realize the implications of environmental problem, Scrubbing is the most effective technique for the removal of oxides of sulphur and is widely used.

In addition, carbon sequestration can be used to serve the purpose. Neither calcium sulfite nor calcium sulfate is very soluble in water, and both can be precipitated out as a slurry by gravity settling. These source correction methods are: Some of the effective and practical control measures for minimizing environmental pollution are outlined below: Control Devices for Particulate Contaminants: In the atmosphere it is converted into Sulphuric acid which is a major component of acid deposition.

Dry FGD systems, compared with wet systems, offer cost and energy savings and easier operation, but they require higher chemical consumption and are limited to flue gases derived from the combustion of low-sulfur coal. It was a whole different world, but to the earth, a hundred years is nothing.

Air pollution control

Used boxes, bags, plastics and bottles should be reused whenever possible. Wet scrubbers and packed scrubbers Wet scrubbers similar to those described above for controlling suspended particulates may be used for gas absorption. It is caused by burning fossil fuels in industries and power plants.

This great course about the basics of chemistry will help you in getting familiar with the basic concepts and will enable you to understand the things being discussed here in a better way.

Adsorption systems are configured either as stationary bed units or as moving bed units. They are also known as centrifugal or inertial separators.

The existing process may be changed by using modified techniques to control emission at source.

5 Effective Methods to Control Air Pollution (explained with diagram)

The disadvantages of this device are i large space requirements and ii only comparatively large particles greater than 10 micron can be collected. The basic sources of this sort of pollution are the machines that are extensively found in the industries and the transportation systems.

Gas ionization is the dissociation of gas molecules into free ions. For example, the nitrate particles are highly dangerous to be dumped under the soil cover and thus are first mixed up with the ammonia to reduce their impact, but even after this the resultant mixture leads to highly dangerous health hazards.

The particulate matter is left in the form of a thin dust mat on the insides of the bag. A typical wire and pipe precipitator consists of: The harmful chemicals which are used in these construction activities harm the environment both during the construction and also after the construction has been completed.

Pollution control

If the burning coal gets mixed up with the smoke from some other sources, it results in the generation of smog which is also a major type of air pollution. The Supreme Court of India in If the cyclone is operating below the condensation point, and if reactive gases are present in the gas stream, then corrosion problems can occur.

In the lime scrubbing process, sulfur dioxide reacts with slaked lime calcium hydroxideforming calcium sulfite and water. A common type of packed scrubber is the countercurrent tower.

Because it operates at ionizing voltages from 40, to 70, volts, DC, it may also be called a high voltage precipitator. Nature already provides for our needs.

Centrifugal forces employed in modern designs vary from 5 to times gravity depending on the diameter of the cyclone.Pollution Prevention Concepts and Principles pollution control.

treatment methods that reduce the volume or toxicity of. Nov 04,  · Air Pollution - causes, effects and control Incorporation of air pollution control equipment in design of This method can also be used to separate. Before the introduction of air quality regulations the use of air pollution control technology was there are other methods available to reduce air pollution as.

How to Control Environmental Pollution? (30 Measures)

Air pollution control: Gas adsorption methods are used for odour control at various types of chemical-manufacturing and food-processing facilities. Short Notes on 5 Methods to Control Water Pollution.

Cooling methods: For preventing thermal pollution such methods are used like cooling waste water effluent. Explain The Methods Of Controlling Pollution.


Explain the methods of controlling pollution
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