Football fanaticism

So, how useful is it to compare football fanaticism to an addiction? Could it be that following our clubs is an addiction?

A genuine affliction Using these criteria, I have come across very few genuine examples of someone addicted to their team.

I never met this individual, only his wife, but he certainly appears to fulfil my criteria for addiction. Armed to the feet with nothing more than a round air-filled sphere with weird patterns, he has come to battle it out with those armed with curved sticks, Football fanaticism and hard leather balls.

We may be swayed by factors such as advertising, price and taste, but if we come across a better coffee, we can easily switch our allegiance. One paper titled The West Ham Syndrome argued that Football fanaticism organisations would love to have the kind of brand loyalty shown by football fans.

Compare the seemingly unwavering loyalty that fans have for their clubs to how easily other loyalties can transfer when it comes to products like coffee.

Then again there are mainly three kinds of football fanatics in India. And once the football season started, his depression would lift.

Relapse This is the tendency to revert back to earlier patterns of behaviour after a period of abstinence. Mood modification This is the subjective experience you would have as a consequence of following your football team.

This is easier said than done as it all depends upon how addiction is defined, and if football fan addiction exists, what are people actually addicted to? A player who happens to be the very first Indian to have played for a football cub outside of India. Salience This occurs when following your football team and doing things related to your football team becomes the most important activity in your life and dominates your thinking a total preoccupationfeelings cravings and behaviour with a deterioration of how you interact with others.

There are by far very few who probably even know half of the Eleven Players who make up the Indian National Football Squad. Every new week brings with it the same old rigmarole of people supporting victorious teams of the last set of fixture trying to shove the taste of defeat into their opponents faces.

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Football fanaticism Why are we so loyal to our national and club football teams? Now this same even number of players are getting together to play the game imported from the west. All this being said it is very rare that you will find a supporter of Indian Football midst all this. It could be an arousing buzz or a high, for example, or the exact opposite — a tranquilising feeling of escape or numbness when following your team.

I see it as any behaviour that features six core components of addiction: Conflict Spending too much time following your football team is leading to conflict with those around you known as interpersonal conflictconflicts with other activities your job, schoolwork, social life, hobbies and interests or within yourself knowing you are doing too much of the activity or have feelings of loss of control.

Any behaviour that fulfils all of these criteria should be considered as a genuine addiction. Withdrawal symptoms These are the unpleasant feelings or physical effects such as moodiness, the shakes, irritability that occur when you are prevented from following your football team or stopped from engaging in football-related activities.

We often pretend to know much better than the manager of the club and pride ourselves in having a world beating squad in a football management game on our PlayStations and XBoxes. One those who play the game, others who are fanatics simply for the reason of not wanting to be left out of this great Shakespearean drama and the third are people like me who call ourselves football analysts.

So if you were addicted to following your football team, this is what I would expect: For instance, even if you are not actually engaged in something football-related, you will be thinking about the next time that you are.

They can cause us nothing but misery and heartache and yet still we support them.In the wild west of Indian Sports, the two major players, cricket and hockey seem to be trapped in an endless fight to death.

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Football fanaticism in India

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Football fanaticism
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