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From the rosy Jerusalem stone to the buoyant Dead Sea to the mouth-watering falafel stands, Israel awakens my senses.

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I kvell every time I hear of another Israeli breakthrough. The people themselves tended to be divided about whether or not the division would be desirable. We had made aliyah! I think of her when Israel in summer essay check my emails daily for updates on the intifada.

Although the visit was primarily to see friends and family, I also had a chance to explore historical sites, such as the Western Wall. On the one hand, there I was, having experimented with a different culture and adapted to it by acquiring a new language, a new mode of dress, and new customs.

To me the trip is about asking and answering questions. It is at this point that the trip became especially poignant because I also had the opportunity to appreciate first hand the political tensions that exist in the country and specifically in the city of Jerusalem.

Having been gone from my homeland for so many years, I had been experiencing a longing to return and see the people, places—even to smell the fragrances and enjoy the food to which I had been accustomed as a child. On the one hand, you have me.

Australia seems so far away and such a long time ago. Showers may fall during this period, so an umbrella is wise. Or when I put on a piece of jewelry crafted by Israeli artisans.

But I was wrong. They do know that, unlike many of their Palestinian counterparts, they will continue to cherish life.

Sailing through the Suez Canal one could see Egypt on the right side with its funny-looking trees palm trees! I met many friends whom I had not seen since childhood. In OctoberI again stepped onto the holy soil, this time as a Jew, with my husband and son.

I think of Israel when I hold look at the walls of my home, covered with the creations of Israeli artists. At Ulpan Akiva, I will spend a portion of the day learning in a classroom and another portion of the day putting my knowledge to use all around Israel.

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What was even more interesting, however, was to compare and feel the differences that occurred because of my departure and the different environs in which we evolved. I do know that, regardless of politics, I support Israel.

More Hebrew is spoken in Israel than any other country, so if I want to get better at it, Israel is definitely the place to go.

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Jerusalem is dryer and cooler, particularly at night. As experts in travel to Israel and as a full service travel agency we have gathered pertinent weather information that will help you pack for your trip with ease.

Where did David fight Goliath? As a Hadassah volunteer, I also am particularly proud of the fact that Hadassah hospitals treat everyone alike — would-be suicide bombers, terrorist victims, innocent bystanders and heroes. Although the visit was primarily to visit friends and family, I also had a chance to explore historical sites, such as the Western Wall.

All I knew was that I would be back one day.Israel. The word sends sparks of emotion through my body. This one word holds a unique and intense significance like no other.

The confluence of these six letters form a place. A place many call home. ANNUAL AVERAGE TEMPERATURES IN ISRAEL. WEATHER IN ISRAEL SUMMER (June-early Sept) Israel temperatures are usually in the high 80’s (27C), 90’s (32C).

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However, it only took stepping off the airplane in Israel for me to realize that this vacation would change my life. Just a warning Visiting the Holy Land | Teen Ink. Last summer I spent most of my time working as an intern for Matrix Settlement & Clearance Services, which is an investment company on Wall Street in New York City.

I was responsible for consultation on technical and computer-related matters for the company, which made my job almost identical to the fulltime, adult employees working in the same.

Israel in summer essay
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