Nursing degree paper adolescents that

Sampling describes the process of selecting participants to represent the population under study. However, Polit and Beck state that interviewing allows greater exploration of issues as there is less likelihood of misinterpretation of questions because the interviewer can expand on explanation if necessary.

Invitations were also sent to managers of 7 residential care homes and it is not clear whether the 10 carers were staff members from these homes or whether they were foster carers for young people.

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It can be difficult to give all details in advance as often themes may arise that have not been anticipated by the researcher. Britten advises that to avoid imposing their own structure and assumptions, researchers must remain open to concepts that may be very different to those they expected.

A potential limitation of the proposed study is that it only involves mothers whose children have been referred to treatment services and therefore may not be representative of mothers who have not utilised services.

Here are the areas of nursing: Of the 25 participants 15 were parents of self-harmers and 10 were described as carers.

This research will utilise open ended questions. Note taking during interviews may be very distracting to both the interviewer and the participant this will be avoided by notes being written immediately after the interview Holloway and Wheeler, Research undertaken by McDonald et al highlighted the views and experience of mothers but acknowledged that only mothers from medium to high socio-economic status had been included in the study.

The researcher will then search for recurring themes, items of interest e. McDonald et al identified a lack of research exploring the experience of families. This research will use interviews to explore the experience of participants. Langdridge states that descriptive phenomenology is the most traditional approach, in which description does not need the analysis required for interpretative phenomenology.

Interviews are usually conducted face-to-face but can also be conducted by telephone or internet Grbich, As a nurse, what is important to you? Preecein acknowledging these difficulties, argues that it is difficult to be clear whether incidences have increased or if statistics reflect a broadening of the inclusion criteria.

There is also a risk that the behaviour and responses of the participant will be affected by the information they have concerning research Goodwin, With critical case sampling the researcher chooses those participants who will provide the most information Grbich, Certain topics or chapters may help to give you some ideas.

Mothers were interviewed to gain an understanding of self-harm within the context of family life. Transferability relates to the generalisability of results. For the purpose of this research, young people will be defined as aged 16 — However, Morse cited in Holloway and Wheeler, warns that the answer to our questions may already exist and without prior research we may not realise this.

Only 4 of the articles returned after searching actually reported on original research. Most of the articles reviewed, focus on the reasons that young people self harm, the age of first incidence of self harm and how young people view the services they receive to address self harm.

Mothers from lower socio-economic status families have not been represented. Respondent validation, which compares that account of the interviewer with that of the respondent by giving opportunity for the participants to read the transcripts of their interviews to ensure accuracy, will be undertaken Mays and Pope, Below given is a tutorial with a ready-made list of nursing topics for your postgraduate paper.

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Self-harm is considered a major public health issue at present (Mental Health Foundation, Cleaver, ). The National Institute of Clinical Excellence. The adolescent nursing focus within the Public Health Nursing DNP prepares nursing leaders in the field of adolescent health.

In an era of health care reform, integration of public health and primary care practices will require adolescent health nursing leaders to fluidly interact with populations, clinicians and researchers to best serve a diverse array of young people.

Nursing Degree Paper - Adolescents That Self-Harm Words Jun 11th, 17 Pages Self-harm is considered a major public health issue at present (Mental Health Foundation, Self-harm is considered a major public health issue at present (Mental Health Foundation, Cleaver, ).

The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) describes self-harm as ‘self.

Nursing degree paper adolescents that
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