Prewrite and draft rubric

Student fills in the entire organizer with details. Check out these other structured writing guides! Good Student uses an appropriate graphic organizer. They are organized according to six characteristics of effective writing.

Excellent Student uses all of the words from the word sort correctly. Both can be used by students or peers for revising and editing, or by the teacher for evaluation. Student has very little detail. Both prewriting organizers have instructions and examples, plus blank organizers for students to fill in.

Student has lots of detail. Students are then able to create a prewriting outline or other type of organizer more independently for the next essay assignment on a different topic with instructional references back to this assignment. The guidance provided by the outline and sample encourages student success with their own topic.

Good Student reads other papers seriously and makes corrections or askes for clearification, giving constructive criticism. Excellent Student uses an appropriate graphic organizer. Student does not use words with the correct definitions.

Fair Student gives little review to others. Student does use proper format of skipping likes in the draft. The goal is better quality essays for improved student writing and for you to grade!

Good Student uses most of the words from the word sort correctly. Teacher tips are included.

Writing Process and 6+1 Traits - Minion

Visually appealing format for gradesall subjects. Skills include organization; writing an introduction including a thesisbody, and conclusion; developing the topic with details; using transitions; and more.

Student fills in most of the organizer. Rough Draft Student does not complete a rough draft. Student uses proper format of skipping lines in the draft. Good Student uses the graphic organizer to create a rough draft.

Excellent Student uses the graphic organizer to create the rough draft. Student does fill in the graphic organizer partially.

Student does not use a graphic organizer correctly. May be appropriate for lower or upper grades, depending on the level of your students. Excellent Student is very helpful to other students.

The the outline organizer features examples keyed to the Sample Essay historical topic for a clear model demonstrating how the organizer is used to write the draft.

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Fair Student uses a graphic organizer but chooses one that does not make sense with the assignment. Word Sort Poor Student does not use any information gained from the word sort grand discussion.

Fair Student completes a rough draft but does not use the graphic organizer in creating the rough draft. In addition, there is a brief half-page quick peer editing form. Fair Student does use words from the word sort but does not use most of them.

The sample essay features margin annotations labeling the parts, clearly showing how they correspond to the outline organizer. ELA and History topics applicable to all subjects.This rubric is still in draft mode and cannot be scored.

Please change the rubric status to ready to use. _inadequate/numer ous errors in MLA format. thesis is weak or unclear. appears to lack "voice" _excessive use of 1stand 2nd person & "to be" verbs frequent errors & lacks variety not used &/or frequent errors in usage.

most marked on draft Language very few (if few errors. attempt at beg/middle/end. thesis lacking or inappropriate not marked. Regie Routman, Writing Essentials, you will choose a wordless picture book. You will follow the framework for process writing (prewrite, draft, revise, edit and publish) to create an original piece relevant to this book.

This assignment is worth 50 points toward your grade and will be evaluated using the attached rubric. Book title. Are your Minions ready for writing? This product contains Minion-themed posters for the writing process and for the 6+1 Writing Traits!

Complete with student-friendly and teacher-friendly rubrics, this is a one in a Minion item for your classroom!/5(2). Submit your prewriting and draft as a single file upload. *If you developed your prewriting by hand on paper, scan or take a picture of your prewriting, load the image onto your computer, and then insert the image on a separate page after your draft.

One editing/assessment tool is a detailed checklist (note: also sold separately) and the other is a 4-point Rubric. Both can be used by students or peers for revising and editing, or by the teacher for evaluation.4/5(14).

Prewrite and draft rubric
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