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Read an in-depth analysis of Lord Munodi. Generally, the farmer represents the average Brobdingnagian of no great gifts or intelligence, wielding an extraordinary power over Gulliver simply by virtue of his immense size.

However, the farmer puts Gulliver on display around Brobdingnag, which clearly shows that he would rather profit from his discovery than converse with him as an equal.

In all, the Houyhnhnms have the greatest impact on Gulliver throughout all his four voyages. To Glumdalclitch, Gulliver is basically a living doll, Private peaceful sparknotes the general status Gulliver has in Brobdingnag.

Unlike the king, the crown prince is believed to sympathize with the Tramecksan, wearing one low heel and one high heel, causing him to limp slightly. She is skilled at sewing and makes Gulliver several sets of new clothes, taking delight in dressing him.

When the Antelope sinks, Gulliver is washed ashore on Lilliput. Nevertheless, Gulliver fleshes out figures such as the queen of Brobdingnag much more thoroughly in his narrative, underscoring the sharp contrast between his reticence regarding England and his long-windedness about foreigners.

Gulliver helps the Lilliputians defeat the Blefuscudian navy, but he eventually leaves Lilliput and receives a warm welcome in the court of Blefuscu, by which Swift satirizes the arbitrariness of international relations. They are so inwardly absorbed in their own thoughts that they must be shaken out of their meditations by special servants called flappers, who shake rattles in their ears.

Yahoos seem to belong to various ethnic groups, since there are blond Yahoos as well as dark-haired and redheaded ones. Gulliver never thinks that the absurdities he encounters are funny and never makes the satiric connections between the lands he visits and his own home.

He has virtually no emotional life, or at least no awareness of it, and his comments are strictly factual. Lord Munodi serves as a reality check for Gulliver on his third voyage, an objective-minded contrast to the theoretical delusions of the other inhabitants of Laputa and Lagado.

Brobdingnagians are basically a reasonable and kindly people governed by a sense of justice. Because of his tiny size, his belief that he can control Gulliver seems silly, but his willingness to execute his subjects for minor reasons of politics or honor gives him a frightening aspect.

Flimnap is clearly paranoid, since the possibility of a love affair between Gulliver and a Lilliputian is wildly unlikely. Don Pedro is naturally benevolent and generous, offering the half-crazed Gulliver his own best suit of clothes to replace the tatters he is wearing.

He fell from grace with the ruling elite by counseling a commonsense approach to agriculture and land management in Lagado, an approach that was rejected even though it proved successful when applied to his own flourishing estate.

Reldresal is more a source of much-needed information for Gulliver than a well-developed personality, but he does display personal courage and trust in allowing Gulliver to hold him in his palm while he talks politics. Lilliputians and Blefuscudians are prone to conspiracies and Private peaceful sparknotes, and while they treat Gulliver well enough materially, they are quick to take advantage of him in political intrigues of various sorts.

His power and majesty impress Gulliver deeply, but to us he appears both laughable and sinister. The two races have been in a Private peaceful sparknotes war with each over the interpretation of a reference in their common holy scripture to the proper way to eat eggs.

The Laputans are parodies of theoreticians, who have scant regard for any practical results of their own research. The Brobdingnagians do not exploit him for personal or political reasons, as the Lilliputians do, and his life there is one of satisfaction and quietude.

He makes no reference to any affection for his wife, either here or later in his travels when he is far away from her, and his detachment is so cool as to raise questions about his ability to form human attachments. Read an in-depth analysis of Don Pedro de Mendez.

The king has ordained that all governmental administrators must be selected from this party, much to the resentment of the High-Heels of the realm. His exploitation of Gulliver as a laborer, which nearly starves Gulliver to death, seems less cruel than simpleminded.

The men are characterized by their hairy bodies, and the women by their low-hanging breasts. The emperor is both a satire of the autocratic ruler and a strangely serious portrait of political power. Read an in-depth analysis of Gulliver.

That Gulliver takes pains to name him accurately reinforces our impression that he is obsessive about facts but not always reliable in assessing overall significance. When he tries to speak seriously with the king of Brobdingnag about England, the king dismisses the English as odious vermin, showing that deep discussion is not possible for Gulliver here.

Read an in-depth analysis of Mary Burton Gulliver. When he returns to England, she is merely one part of his former existence, and he records no emotion even as she hugs him wildly.Editorial Reviews. 03/13/ In this boilerplate dystopian thriller, set in the not-too-distant future, twin sisters discover that their peaceful existence in a strictly regimented farming community is a lie and struggle to survive against overwhelming odds.

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