Scope of edusat

It contains no original research: It does not change significantly from day to day because of an ongoing edit war or content dispute: Extensive teaching learning using these networks has been growing fast.

Karnataka govt looks to revamp EduSat teaching

This technology can be used to eliminate illiteracy in other parts of the globe. In cooperation with user agencies, Isro is organising national and regional conferences to create awareness about Edusat and its capabilities. Images are relevant to the topic, and have suitable captions: Students can receive education at their own pace and at their own convenience especially those who are employed.

Thus, in spite of limited trained and skilled teachers, the aspirations of the growing student population at all levels can be met through the concept of tele-education.

Scope of Edusat

The satellite, specially configured to meet the growing demand for an interactive satellite-based distance education system, will have multiple regional beams covering Scope of edusat parts of India.

Edusat is expected to have a life of seven years in space, during which it will help educational institutions make up for, among other things, the dearth of good teachers by providing connectivity with classrooms far away. I do not think it is published anywhere, I looked when I wrote the article as well.

It has a multiple spot beam antenna with 1. The payloads were developed by Space Applications Centre, Ahmedabad.

Indira Gandhi National Open University Ignou said it will expand educational facilities to remote areas of the country through Edusat, the first exclusive satellite dedicated to the education sector. This is going to revolutionize education in the country.

The launch of EDUSAT marks a major milestone in the country and poses enormous challenges as well as offers excellent potential for the ministry.

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Is it broad in its coverage? The satellite will have multiple regional beams covering different parts of India.

It is mainly intended to meet the demand for an interactive satellite based distance education system for the country.

It is specially configured to meet the growing demand for an interactive satellite Scope of edusat distance education system for the country through audio-visual medium, employing Direct To Home DTH quality broadcast.

The government, on its part, sees merit in the report. Technologies are now available to upgrade ROTs using an add-on system providing a limited amount of two-way interactivity using 2G connectivity.

Let me know how you want to finish out the rest of the points. Through such a network IGNOU conducted induction programme for new students through teleconferencing during Septemberwhich was attended by thousands of students spread over more than receiving stations across the country.

It would be necessary to have proper infrastructure such as communication facilities, power etc.Nigeria EduSat-1 is within the scope of WikiProject Astronomy, which collaborates on articles related to Astronomy on Wikipedia. This review is transcluded from Talk:Nigeria EduSat-1/GA1.

The edit link for this section can be used to add comments to the review. The EDUSAT (GSAT-3) satellite provided its services till September, supporting Tele-education, Telemedicine and Village Resource Centres (VRC) projects of ISRO. After its de-commissioning, the traffic of Tele-education networks was migrated to other ISRO satellites.

"The scope of the Edusat programme is planned to be realised in three phases. In the first phase of pilot projects, a Ku-band transponder on board Insat-3B, which is already in orbit, is being used.

EDUSAT is the satellite exclusively devoted to meet the demands of educational sector. It was launched on September20, by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to meet ever increasing demand for an interactive satellite-based distance education system for the country.

GSAT-3, also known as EDUSAT, was a communications satellite which was launched on 20 September by the Indian Space Research Organisation.

EDUSAT is the first Indian satellite built exclusively to serve the educational sector.

India Launches Edusat Satellite.

SCOPE OF EDUSAT Dr. R. SIVAKUMAR INTRODUCTION The pivotal role of education as an instrument of social change by altering the human perspective and transforming the traditional mindset of society is well recognized.

Scope of edusat
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