To torture or not to torture essay

As much as this would seem to be a terrifying threat to detainees who would give the information needed to avoid torture, the negative aspect of torture is that terrorists would prefer dying with the information.

Believe the Bible to be true and having the desire to please God in every aspects of their life, they chose to love and do well to others. Any quotes from sources must be cited and will not count towards your word count. Therefore, with the right reason, then the act done is moral.

A person who held to virtue ethics would probably not torture a prisoner because it does not seem virtuous but rather harmful or an evil. In order to fulfill this assignment, you need to have read the Group Discussion Board Forum 2 Instructions and the following chapters from Holmes: They carry the point of view that they want to do what is best for the mass majority.

The fourth view, which will be discussed, is Christian-principle based ethics. Whereas people are called to love one another, there is room for punishment when a wrong act is committed.

To Torture or Not to Torture - Part 2

Levin interestingly asks the four mothers if they would approve of torturing kidnappers in a bid to get their own newborns back Humboldt. Moreover, virtue ethics also contribute to the view of torturing prisoners.

Torture would also not be an example of the grace and Love of Christ. There must be a deterrent from others committing similar acts and which will them cause harm on the main population of the people.

On the other hand, we should always place our faith in God and trust him to work things out. Christian based ethics would also stand agents the torture of anyone.

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Since the dark ages, the Elizabethan times and the ancient Greek history, weird cases of torture have been documented in numerous archives. Cases have also been documented of people who, when sentenced to the wheel, would try to look for ways to kill themselves due to the excruciating pain experienced by those condemned fir the wheel.

Torture is immoral and unconstitutional; a human rights violation which has no place in the 21st century, where new, intelligent and practicable ideas have been proven effective.

Obama stressed the need to be able to separate the innocent from the guilty, and proposed modern interrogation systems. Our own special forces go through waterboarding as part of their training.

To Torture or Not to Torture

Utilitarianism seems to point to the fact that it would support the point of torture. If the people were to decide on torture, they would have to ask whether it would fit within the way they have constituted themselves, as we, the people.

The first theory is that of utilitarianism. Written By a student Mary Price The Virtue Ethics has the perspective that there is more to doing right thing than committing the act. It should be understood however, that as the people in a deliberative process discuss the legitimacy of torture in extreme situations, they should discuss these questions in a more detached, reasoned way in connection with other legislation and with the constitution.

The result is what matters, not the moral consequences. It attempts to rid the world of evil while cherishing the sanctity of life, and it views humanity by showing that everything has a moral consequence. The next theory, virtue ethics, could possibly advocate the use of torture if there was no other way to obtain the information from the individual and it was absolutely necessary.

When he or she agreed to talk, she would be removed from the chair, but the damage was already done. The problem with this view, as Arthur F.

Moral law would keep Kantian duty-based ethics away from torture. Although this view means to do good, I find this view to be vague and less accepting of justice. Every person is deserving of being treated humanely. Such a justification for torture, however, in the 21st century, would not hold water.

To torture or not to torture prisoners Essay

There is no direct right and wrong everyone has the opportunity to derive their own moral standings on things, which would then hinder the torture of someone when their moral standings could have led them to believe something different than yourself.

From a Christian point of view, it is hard to advocate any form of torture. The main reason why torture is no longer applicable in the 21st century is because other interrogation methods have proven to be more appropriate while dealing with terrorists.

In other words, torture is unjustified. For other cases of obvious torture, such as the types used in medieval times, I believe that it is wrong in any situation.

Through a Christian perspective I believe that waterboarding is not torture as it leaves no physical damage and really only places the individual in extreme discomfort. The information to be given is usually a confession.

The 19 terrorists of September 11 provide evidence of this.Human Torture Should Not be Continued Essay Words | 10 Pages. United Nations defines torture as any act by which severe physical or mental pain or suffering is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining information or a confession, or punishing a person for an act that he is suspected of having committed.

Below is an essay on "To Torture, Or Not To Torture" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. The right of “innocent until proven guilty” is one of the most important rights we Americans have.

Regardless if these people are enemies of the Country, they stillhave the same rights under our laws. Read this essay on To Torture or Not.

Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at". The best method to answer the question of to torture or not to torture some one would have to be the Utilitarianism perspective.

With this idea it is the majority of the people that we are concerned about. Torture is a painful experience on the side of the person to whom the torture is done.

The main goal is to force a person to confess and produce some vital information. Torture is often used as a judicial process of impelling prisoners to give information.

Torture: Absolutely Not Essay - Human beings, by their very nature, strive for a sense of security. It allows them to operate productively, and lubricates the virtues and high aspirations of society.

To torture or not to torture essay
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