Violent sports should be

I play water polo and let me just say even though I this is my first year I have already almost broken 3 or 4 bones.

Fans started rioting when the home team, seemingly on the way to victory, underwent a dramatic batting collapse. Boxing gave me discipline; a sense of self. As well as things like exercise and diet, it also informs young people when, and when not to fight, emphasizing the need for establishing mental control as well Violent sports should be physical.

Fighting in ice hockey is an established tradition with a long history. In every match several players get the teeth knocked off or broken bones.

Iraq, Iran and England. The IOC declared cheerleading is a sport in December The ball is like a super-fast rock flying around, the sticks can break bones and, incredibly, next to no protection!

Such incidents may be part of a strategy developed by coaches or players. In boxing, unruly or extremely violent behavior by one of the contestants often results in the fighter breaking the rules being penalized with a points reduction, or, in extreme cases, disqualification.

The two schools disagree to this day as to whether this game was official, but it mattered greatly to the spectators—at the end of the game, the two sets of fans fought one another.

Young children as well as adults, try to imitate the actions that take place in these sports. Eight players and both coaches were ejected, and a British record total of penalty minutes were incurred during the second period.

The Marquess of Queensberry rules, drafted ineventually helped boxing to make the gradual transition into being a modern sport after a long period when it had possessed only dubious legitimacy.

Water polo is a sport where your being restrained, sunk, and even drowned underneath the water. There is no fair play in sports. V 3 Comments 16 Field Hockey If you want a dangerous sport go field hockey. Milan and Inter Milan was abandoned after Inter fans threw missiles and flares on to the pitch at the San Siro stadium, with A.

As a result of the fight, Green played for the remaining nine years of his professional career with a pioneering variety of hockey helmet in both the NHL and WHA. Johansson and Patterson would become firm friends in later life, running the Stockholm Marathon together in and In Egypt, fans bombed their own Football Association.

Hitting with chairs and throwing someone off like an object is no entertainment unless you want people to be sadistic. Source The trouble with boxing is that too often it ends in sadness. Not only the sportspersons are affected by these kinds of sports, but also, the viewers get an indirect impact on them.

Children imitate the act and are often seen indulging in plays that involve fighting siblings like they watched on screen and expect people to hoot and cheer for them if they score a brownie point.

V 2 Comments 27 Armored Combat This sport is gaining fans and recognition worldwide. Sports are entirely for the purpose of entertainment.Violence in sports usually refers to violent and often unnecessarily harmful intentional physical acts committed during, or motivated by, a sports game, often in relation to contact sports such as.

To start with, Sports is basically an activity done for pleasure, which needs physical effort and skill.

Should Violent Sports Be Banned?

Some people, who dedicate themselves to this activity, consider it as a passion to compete. May 29,  · Arguments For and Against Banning Boxing. Fighting sports should be conducted in a certain way, they should be taught as a means of self defence only, Reviews: Listen to Article One of the last remaining bastions of vulgar masculinity is the practise of playing and watching sports.

Violence in sports

Sports games provide misogynistic and bigoted men with a refuge to vent. Should violent sports like wrestling be banned? Introduction: History claims that sports and violence have always accompanied each other since time immemorial. injure a player by another player or coach.

Violent Sports should be Banned Essay

In conclusion, we believe that violent sports like boxing should be banned because alot of people could get hurt by attempting to try to do the sports.

Violent sports should be
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