Week 2 reflection 1

January 28, at 8: And now through Jesus, we have been brought near. I would tweak it so that it had a bottom portion to it that would be able to hold the candle. To me, it seems obvious that we need to allow students room for creative expression in the classroom.

I am a little confused by your last statement on how the Morton method continues to work? We also learned about the peace Jesus brought to Jews and Gentiles.

God loves us and wants us near to Him, and He made a way for this to be possible through Christ. I enjoyed our discussion of 3D printing and the idea of being able to create at zero marginal cost.

I would tweak it so there are more spaces and by adding a drawer to the bottom of it.

Week 2 Reflection

Once in a hostile relationship due to cultural, ethnic, and racial reasons, they gained the ability to have a peaceful and uni ed relationship.

I wanted to buy one of these, but I know making it myself would be more satisfying. Still to this day we use science as an explanation of things, as way to understand the world.

Thinking about how much racializing takes place daily in society but also in cultures over time showcases how its important to learn the sub disciplines in anthropology.

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Week 1 Reflection

Do you ever try to earn your own salvation? The idea of race is still an issue but not something that is foreign. What truths do you need more faith to believe? How can you fight for peace in your life? It seems like a really practical way to maximize your technology without using more electric power.

Its simple, but it looks really fun. That one race was better than another race and we have science to prove it. Think about being far away from a loved one and how your heart aches to be near to them. I would definitely be interested in the music amp phone attachment you posted. The Morton argument is a perfect example of how we use science to gain popularity or create that sense of entitlement.

Digital Making at the Makerlab Our Makers. The statement shows how outdated it is, because we are no longer using this method to describe race. The idea of race and science now is no longer a topic. What truths do you need to put into practice today? God chose to come in and rescue us—to give our spiritually dead bodies life.

With this in mind, which aspect of the church stood out to you the most and why? We used those methods to categorize and justify people. How have you been a ected by being near to God? What does it look like to live a resurrected life, one that has been raised up with Christ?

I think it looks really appealing and would consider making it for myself. Giving more students access to 3D printers would give more students opportunities to explore their creativity.

Hill: Week 2 Reflection Post

They were seen as hand to hand because how it was advancing at the time, science now compared to science before it a huge difference. However, as the world goes on science is getting more and more better. We have been created for good works, and God has prepared the way of good works for us so we can walk in them.

I would definitely throw it in my backpack to take with me wherever I may go. We are all Christians in Him.View Week 2 Theorist Reflection fresh-air-purifiers.com from SOSC at Bryant & Stratton College.

Week 2 Reflection 1 Marjorie Campbell According to Donald Supers theory, I am currently in. Week 2 Reflection. January 28, [email protected] 1 Comment.

This week was my first week in class and I really enjoyed hearing from our guest speaker as well. Wk1 & Wk2 Team Reflection ECO Instructor: June 5, Team Reflection This week the team discussion included how well we did on the weekly quiz for weeks one and two.

View Homework Help - Week 2 Reflection from BUSINESS PHIL at Bryant & Stratton College. Running Head: WEEK 2 REFLECTION 1 Week 2: Reflection Jennifer Thompson Bryant & Stratton College PHIL Dr.

Week 1 Activity Post; Week 1 Reflection Post; Week 2 Analytical Post; Week 2 Reflection Post; Week 3 Activity Post; Week 3 Reflection Post; Week 4 Activity Post. Week 1 Reflection. Share today's image. flat (1).png. For the fifth day of each week of this study, we will take time to reflect upon the truths discussed.

Week 2 reflection 1
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