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I felt as if I had died. Although it is made with simple yarn and craft store items, the bright colors and fluffy bottom symbolize what people think of me, especially my grandma.

It seemed like a perfect relationship. Being the stubborn person I am I did not call him, because I felt he should be the one calling me. The small tool leads to big strokes in my productivity. My favorite productivity tool and useful object.

I have so many awards and all of them bring back memories.

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Ray Horacek Everything that I create in both my art and my design starts with a concept. I quickly searched and found one direct from Germany — and have found it forever useful as a measurement tool to help move quick with sketches and check on those things that just seem a tad off at times.

It is not anything too special, I just really like Moki Moki and the card art. That was Endpoint and Midpoint, right? Wearing his necklace helps me relive every moment we had together—all the wonderful memories and even the dumb arguments.

The next thing of importance inside this binder are my awards. Karen Rafeedie I will say, that I find myself staring out the window often. As I try to write a label, I recognize that these objects mean so many things to me, but that I am interested in gathering your associations of how these three objects might relate to each other.

Thank you so much for joining me. So, for my 15th birthday he brought me a notebook where he wanted me to write down all my poems inside. Nicholas Jackson 2nd year TCA member I am very interested in exploring how a person may have been brittle in the past, but is now expanding.

The notebook is half way full and every poem has a meaning and a story behind it. I learned about precision. Rolling them determines the date of your inevitable death.

The one "splurge" grocery item I have never yet splurged on?Oct 13,  · My laptop gives me chances to re-connect with old friend, meet new ones, and watch dancing cats.

If I could change on thing about my laptop, I would give it more memory so it could store more stuff. I take my laptop everywhere and watch DVD's on it. Status: Resolved. Jan 05,  · These Are A Few Of Your Favorite Things (In Photos): The Picture Show What do the objects you keep say about you?

And which ones, if any, are the ones you wouldn't want to live without? This quiz is about what your favorite subject may be! 11 days ago · What is your favorite object in your room? What is your favorite term of endearment?

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How can you tell if your boyfriend is a sociopath? Have an opinion? Jun 08,  · Re: The Fastest Way to Set Your Favorite Object Snaps: by: jamesw on: June 9, - am: If you also open the and define os to call osmode, this becomes and extremely fast and efficient way to change your osnaps.

Essay Contest: My Favorite Object. Family members, a cherished notebook of memories and a lost love who died are our contest winners’ favorite things.

Your favourite object
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